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Our Vision

Amazing experiences.
Incredible memories.

  • Deliver world-class tourism experiences
  • Prioritise our staff’s well-being
  • Create lifelong memories for our customers
  • Protect and celebrate the vibrant Queensland environment
  • Engage with the community and First Nations people
  • Foster our company’s growth and prosperity
  • Partner with and support local businesses to boost the regional economy and community well-being

Customer Focused

Prioritising exceptional customer service. Creating memorable and enjoyable experiences for every guest. Listening to customer feedback and continuously improving.


Ensuring the highest standards of safety for both guests and staff. Regularly training staff on safety protocols and emergency procedures. Maintaining marine assets and facilities to the highest safety standards.


Committing to environmentally responsible practices. Promoting sustainable tourism that conserves natural resources and reduces waste. Supporting local conservation efforts and educating guests about environmental stewardship.


Conducting business with honesty and transparency. Building trust through ethical practices and consistent quality. Treating customers, staff, and partners with respect and fairness.


Demonstrating enthusiasm and dedication in all aspects of the business. Sharing a love for the destination and its unique features with guests. Inspiring guests with knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Community Engagement

Actively contributing to and supporting the local community. Building strong relationships with local businesses and residents. Promoting cultural sensitivity and respect for the traditional custodians.


Continuously seeking new ways to enhance the guest experience. Embracing new technologies and trends in the tourism industry. Encouraging creativity and forward-thinking among staff.


Fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Valuing the contributions of each team member and encouraging professional growth. Working together to achieve common goals and deliver outstanding service. Continue to foster growth and mentorship amongst the team.


Striving for excellence in every aspect of the business. Maintaining high standards for service, facilities, and guest experiences. Continuously improving and setting benchmarks for the marine tourism industry.


Showing respect for the environment, culture, and heritage of the destinations. Valuing diversity and treating all individuals with dignity and respect. Encouraging guests to respect the destinations they visit.

Our award winning experiences