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Community & Partnerships

The Tour Collective is committed to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. As a leading provider of marine-based tourism experiences, we recognise the importance of protecting our oceans, supporting local communities, and ensuring the well-being of the destinations we visit. Through our strong community partnerships, we work collaboratively to promote sustainable practices and foster positive impacts in the regions we operate.

Sea World Foundation

Sea World Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to marine wildlife research, rescue and conservation. Since 2019, The Tour Collective has contributed to Sea World Foundation’s mission through financial support, in-kind support and awareness building.

In an effort to further assist their vital work, Sea World Whale Watch donates a portion of every ticket to Sea World Foundation.

Griffith University

In 2019, Sea World Whale Watch and Whales in Paradise partnered with Griffith University in a research collaboration. This partnership aims to enhance knowledge about Humpback whales through an exchange of scientific information. Sea World Cruises has dedicated seats on all tours for researchers to conduct critical data collection and long-term monitoring of these majestic animals.

The Tour Collective is proud to have assisted in the following research:

  • Newborn whale calf study (conducted by Laura Torre-Williams)
  • Mugging study (conducted by Laura Torre-Williams)
  • Competition pod study (conducted by Laura Torre-Williams)
  • Scars/injuries study (conducted by Laura Torre-Williams)
  • Behavioural study (conducted by Humpbacks and High-Rises)
  • Sea World Cruises Whale Watching Passenger Survey (A/Prof Alexandra Coghlan, Dr Olaf Meynecke, et al)

Humpbacks and High-Rises

The Tour Collective is proud to help contribute to Queensland’s largest marine mammal monitoring program. For over 10 years, we have worked closely with the volunteers from Humpbacks & High-rises (HHR) enabling their research aboard our whale-watching vessels. Designated seats on every tour are reserved for HHR volunteers who collect vital scientific data to help monitor the health, movement, and well-being of humpback whales on the east coast of Australia.

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